Legal, Corporate Services & Licensing

About Whitech Legal, Corporate Services & licensing we have over 10 years of experience of servicing new and existing brands, establishing the best business structure and licensing requirements that best suit the needs of our clients.

Our Company has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the financial industry. We have a reliable reputation and wide array of experience in this industry that allows us to problem solve any of client issue and execute the best practice in order to solve the problem or requirement swiftly and at the highest standards of quality in the market.

Our expertize at Whitech LCL ranges from the incorporation of companies in various offshore jurisdictions, legal services, international tax planning, accounting services, audit, PSP service and bank account openings world-wide. As regulations and licensing in the financial market can be very complex to obtain and a headache to handle yourself, it is always advisable to have professional assistance by a specialist company that can enable you every step of the way in successfully obtaining a licence to operate in the financial trading markets.


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Products & Services

Company Formation

Whitech Solutions Provides an Onshore & Offshore Company Formation Services with a vast amount of jurisdictions to choose from, Whitech consultants will be able to guide you on a suitable formation that meets your needs and goals.

Legal Services

Whitech Solutions understands the importance of confidentiality and reputation for its clients in this day and age. Our understanding of our client’s needs we are able to provide the best solutions through our specialist consultants that meet your requirements, by providing you Legal and Nominee Services such as Legal Address services, Nominee Directors, Share Holders and Secretary Services


Whitech Solutions Liciencing is able to provide our clients with a vast amount of options to set up a investment licience to operate a brokerage. We are also able to consult our clients on type of investment licience regulator to undertake dependant on the regions the client wishes to capture, and their starting capital inorder to a regulated brokerage brand operating.


Whitech Solutions Banking Service allows our clients to have the ability to open up bank accounts in the following countries Cyprus, Panama, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Baltic States, Belize, Delaware, Dubai, Gibraltar, Singapore, Luxembourg, Andorra, Malta, Great Britain, Cooks Islands, Germany & British Virgin Islands. We hasten to please our clients that in today’s environment there may not be a need of presence in some of the locations above and more over nor do is there a need for our clients to be a resident of some of these countries. With Whitech our clients can be rest assured that all their banking requirements can be fulfilled in a fast, inexpensive and minimal requirements from our clients side.

Payment Service Provider Solution (PSP)

Whitech Solutions PSP service understands the importants of payment solutions in this industry as it is in some cases a major issue, as rejected payments from clients can become continous loss in sales and overall profitablity. Whitech PSP service is designed to assist our clients in aquiring a PSP solution that meet the needs of their operations. Our PSP consultant will be able to asses our clients operation and provide a suitable service provider for our client to start operations instantly.

Audit & Accounting

Whitech Solutions Accounting & Audit’s Consultants are qualified and have a vast amount of experience and practice in the areas of implementation of the decisions of development and automation of accounting processes. Accounting within the shell of any type of organization is the life efficiency of the business, the accounting department, a good selection of accounting systems, the work flow chart approval, this ensures the stability of the organization, as it creates minimal cost efficient processing of documents that are provided – and it is accounting its self. Whitech’s Experts are here to carry out a detailed analysis of our clients business and will make various proposals to improve the overall work efficiency if your business via the development of individual solutions to reduce overall expenditure of the company. Companies Audit Whitech will provide its clients with additional services such as “Audit of company” • The preparation • Conducting Of Auditing • Submission of financial statements and annual reports of the companies registered in different jurisdictions. Whitechs Auditing service has the a range of professionals that have vast amount of experience in the area of international accounting standards (IFRS), which will provided the client all required information. The main purpose of audit is to express an opinion on validity of financial statements of the audit entities and the adequacy of the order of accounting according to legistlation. The service cost varies dependant on complexity of operational work scope, in terms of the number and the jurisdiction of the clients registered company.

Tax Planning

Whitech Tax Services has the best experts in the field of company taxation that help our clients with the implementation of financial optimization, they will help in creating a better manangment plan for the financial resources of the business, inorder to create better success and profitability of your overall business. We offer such services in international tax planning and structure development: • Strategic tax planning regarding investments, commercial operations, international money transfers and cross-border transactions • Shareholders (if nominees, then declaration of trust is mandatory) • Tax and legal consultations • Individual transactions optimization • Preparation of tax model, taking into account the specific characteristics of Your company • Specific types of taxes management