Whitech Recruitment establishes strong relationships, and over time we are able to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ cultures and strategic objectives. This knowledge gives us a unique ability to recruit at all professional levels, adding immediate and long term value to our clients as a staffing agency. Our reputation is paramount to our success, so we must, and do, commit everything to satisfying needs. Every successful candidate placement strengthens our reputation as a professional HR services supplier.

Our obligation:

– We offer a full range of professional recruitment services and will partner with you to:​

– Our experts will take all of your requirements and preferences into account during the entire process, meaning we will only send the very best-suited candidates your way, making your decisions that much simpler to make.

– Minimise the effort, frustration and cost involved in recruiting staff. Our competitive finder’s fee will save your company both time and manpower that would no doubt be better spent running and operating your business.

– Ensure that you receive an excellent and professional service post placement

At Whitech Rec, its members are making sure that employers get the best talent and the right people to help their businesses grow. Together, we set the standard in the industries that we specialise in.

Industries We Server

Areas Of Specialty

• Financial • Technology • Shipping • Energy

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