At Whitech we classify ourselves as a premium broker’s solutions provider, with a wide innovative product portfolio range of solutions that are dedicated to delivering the most cost effective state of the art solutions that allow FX Brokers, Crypto Brokers and Financial Institutions to maximize operational profit and minimize risk. Whether you want a complete solution from Whitech white Label or you’re looking to create more efficiency whilst reducing operational expense or if you’re looking to increase your existing online operations, we at Whitech Technology have the ability to consult and tailor a profit driven offering that is customized towards your company’s needs and requirements.

Products & Services


Our CRM & Back office system is developed specifically to facilitate your daily Routine work with client’s profiles. CRM Key features: Convenience - store all your clients’ information and documents in one place. All Information is easily accessible and can be edited at any time. Client related matters - manage, approve/decline verification of a client, document expiration control function, and KYC questionnaire. Instant Client message delivery - internal message system will allow you to send any kind of message to your client(s). Trading - open and manage trading accounts, and register a new client profile Collaboration - task system for the company’s internal cooperation between departments. Internal notifications - instant notifications about different actions to improve the company’s respond speed and support quality. Complete overview and control - easy mechanism to differentiate the access rights for different departments or individuals. All actions are logged for your convenience to track any change. Ease of Translation - simple and instant website and Cabinet translation system. Full customization - express your wants and needs and we will create it for you.

MT4/5 Technology /Pc & Mobile

Whitech Technology Can provide you with a State of the art MT4/5 technology to get you of the ground and operating in the finacial markets with the most popular trading platform in the market.

Website Design & Development

Whitech Website Design & Development is ully dedicated to the Financial Service Market, as there rest of Whitech’s solution we are a dynamic company strategically speacialized in the Financial Industry as it’s what we do best for our clients. We have a dedicated team of project managers, designers, developers and the support staff you need with a vast amount of experience servicing the financial market.

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